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Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

Our Countermeasures to Prevent Infection

You may be concerned about the risk of contracting infections, including the new coronavirus (COVID-19). At Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic, we routinely take measures to prevent infection with various viruses and bacteria, and especially strong measures against the new coronavirus infections.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Measures for COVID-19 Virus

As IPC measures for COVID-19 virus, our clinic has installed ceiling-mounted air conditioning (AC) unit and high-tech dental units* with decent sanitation measures.
*some units only

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we have implemented multiple measures such as central control of ventilation and air conditioning, sterilization and disinfection of dental equipment and prevention of aerosol transmission.

Ceiling-mounted AC unit can remove 99.95% of virus from contaminated air

Ceiling-mounted air conditioner removes 99.95% of virus

We have installed ceiling-mounted AC unit, specialized for use in medical facilities, to guarantee clean air circulation inside the whole clinic.

This ventilation system have an excellent processing capacity that can filter out 99.95% of the virus, as well as PM2.5 pollutants, up to particles as small as 0.1 micron actively, and keep the atmosphere hygienic by circulating clean air inside the clinic.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioner removes 99.95% of virus.

The ceiling-mounted AC unit “MEDICAL LIGHT AIR” can remove virus and aerosols as it was equipped with high-quality multiple built-in air-filters.

Since this unit also uses photocatalytic filters, which are highly integrated, it can effectively capture the contaminated air, and eliminate the odor of disinfectants as well as the odor specific to the medical facilities.

Extraoral vacuum aspirator that can absorb nanoparticles

Extraoral vacuum absorbs powder.

We use highly efficient extraoral vacuum aspirator to prevent splashing of water to the patient’s face due to inhalation of aerosols generated during dental procedures.

We have installed several dental units called “Free Arm Alteo” * at our dental clinic. This dental suction device is also highly effective for infection prevention and control.

*some units only

Automatic cleaning of vacuum hose after each patient

Vacuum tubes automatically flushing by automatic flushing device every time we welcome our patient.

It is critical to clean vacuum hose and drain pipes every day due to the risk of bacterial growth.

These newly installed dental units* can automatically flush dedicated disinfection solution through the water system after each patient; therefore, it is highly effective for sanitation.

*some units only

Our Preventive Measures Based on Japanese Government measures

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

Based on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Standard *, doctors, dental technicians, and dental hygienists will wear (1) to (5) for treatment.

  • 1 DS2 Mask (Recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, equivalent to N95 respirator)
  • Non-woven head cap
  • Face shield (an acrylic plate that shields the face)
  • 4 Non-woven gowns
  • Medical Gloves

Check for cold symptoms

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

At our entrance, you will be asked to take your temperature and fill out a medical questionnaire to check if you have symptoms of a cold.

Hand sanitizer for patients

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

We ask you to sanitize your hands at the reception desk to prevent viruses from being introduced into the clinic room.

Installation of acrylic plates to prevent splashes

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

An acrylic plate is placed between you and the concierge to prevent infections caused by droplets in the reception area.

Thorough hygiene management

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

Our doctors and dental hygienists, who come in direct contact with patients, wear masks, medical gloves and goggles. We also practice thorough hygiene management, including cleaning and disinfection of hands and fingers.

Sterile treatment equipment

Our countermeasures to prevent nosocomial infections

We use sterile treatment equipment for each patient. Rotating cutting instruments and 3-way (air and water out) syringe tips are replaced with sterile ones, and the examination table (i.e., unit chair) is disinfected with alcohol. Cups for rinse your mouth, trays and aprons are all strictly for single use.

Our policy

One Team Approach

Specialists work together to find the best approach for you while sharing information and goals of treatment.

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Plain explanation

We are committed to informed consent and hospitality, and are pursuing a new way of dental care.

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Relaxing environment

We strive to create a comfortable space for you and ensure that you receive treatment in a relaxing environment.

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Clear cost estimates

Some of treatments are not covered by health insurance, but we will let you know the total cost prior to the treatments.

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Do you have these symptoms?

Each of our doctors has honed the skills and developed expertise in Japan or abroad.
We will work closely with you on your concerns.
Please feel free to consult with us.

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