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By appointment only
(operating hours 9:30~12:30/14:00~17:30 )

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Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic


By appointment only(operating hours 9:30~12:30/14:00~17:30)


Each of us has a specialty in dental fields, and as a team,
we serve for you.

With our experiences and skills honed in Japan and abroad,
we will face your concerns professionally as well as sympathetically.

At Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic,doctors of orthodontics, implants, anesthesia, and oral surgery
provide you with a personalized treatment.

We will be your "private doctor".

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Why Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic

We are your "private doctor".
We are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for your treatment.

Listen to your story carefully.

We work closely with you from the initial consultation to the treatment planning,
and the successful completion of treatment.

So as to fully understand your situation,We have detailed rules
and steps for our staff to follow until your treatment starts.

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Consideration for your pain.

We strive to minimize your biggest stress of dental care - pain.

We offer a relaxing environment, as well as smooth anesthesia and sedation procedures.

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Price quote before the treatment.

The cost of dental care sometimes exceeds what you estimate.
Aesthetic treatments, especially those not covered by health insurance,
place a heavy financial burden on the patient.

At Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic, proudly mobilizing the best and safest technology available,
we want to make sure that you understand “what you pay for”.

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Thorough infection control measures in place.

The basis of infection control measures is to prevent direct
and indirect contact with the bacteria and viruses,
and to wash off the bacteria and viruses as quickly as possible, when in contact.

In addition to sterilizing and cleaning the treatment equipment,
we also pay constant attention to air conditioning and ventilation in the clinic.
We disinfect the clinic room after each treatment.

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Recommended care and treatment menu

Recommended care
treatment menu

For a well-maintained mouth,
Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic is proud to recommend.

Dental Dock Image photo

“Dental Dock”:
a comprehensive oral exam

For true health and longevity.
Thorough dental maintenance.

Recently, it is suggested that oral health conditions are closely linked to our overall systemic ailments and lifestyle-related diseases such as dementia and diabetes.

We offer a unique dental care menu to help you stay healthy.

Also, we serve for business professionals who have high standards.

Comprehensive Oral Examination
Orthodontic and Whitening Image photo

Orthodontic and Whitening

Your mouth determines your first impression, So you will wish that doctors suggest and treat your mouth carefully.

Much of your facial impression is determined by your mouth. When you smile, people may naturally find your beautifully aligned white teeth, and get the impression that you are clean.

When you need reliable professional skills for your mouth treatment.

Implants Image photo


From counseling to treatment. I want to have comprehensive treatment

Implant treatment is a surgical procedure, therefore has inherent risks compared to other dental procedures.

Also we ask your time commitment for counseling to determine a treatment plan, and maintenance to keep good condition after the treatment requires your time commitment.

We are confident that you can trust our experts with experience and track record.


Menu by your symptoms / concerns

We serve for a wide range of needs from general dentistry to cosmetic treatments.


Please find new information about our clinic and other announcement.

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Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment for a consultation
or to ask questions about your treatment.


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9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6206, Japan
Midtown Tower 6F

・ Directly connected to Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line.

・ 7 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station (exit 3) on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

・ Eight-minute walk from Roppongi 1-chome Station (Exit 1) on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line

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