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Features of our implant treatment

Features of our implant treatment Features of our implant treatment

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1:Well-designed treatment environment

Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic is located on the same floor as Tokyo Midtown Clinic, which provides outpatient services such as internal medicine and orthopedics, and also focuses on preventive medicine, women’s medicine, and advanced medical care.
In the dental field, we have created an environment to meet a wide range of dental needs.

2:Our approach to prevent infection

The treatment equipment used in our clinic is sterilized in Class B autoclave (high pressure steam sterilizer) according to European standard EN13060, whenever possible.

In this clinic, we supply treatment equipment under the supervision of dental hygienists.

3:Dental CT and Digital X-rays

We use CT and digital x-rays to analyze the teeth, bones, blood vessels and nerves in three dimensions so that we can perform more appropriate surgery, treatment and diagnosis.

4:Anesthesia, intraoperative monitoring

We will choose the most appropriate method of anesthesia such as intravenous sedation, depending on your case.
In addition, we constantly monitor “blood pressure” and “oxygen saturation” during surgery to understand the patient’s condition.
Furthermore, on the 6th floor of Midtown, there are other medical departments where we are linked and collaborate.

5:Full follow-up service

Based on our experience, implants are designed to last depending on each patient’s case in general.
In rare cases, an implant may not settle due to changes in the surrounding teeth or gum conditions, but in that case symptoms tend to appear relatively early, one to two years after treatment is completed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any wobble or other problems.

To ensure that you can use your implants, we offer a system in which we will bear the cost (partial) of re-treatment depending on the number of years after the free warranty (*) for one year.
We also recommend regular maintenance to keep your oral health.

(※)During the 1-year free warranty period, you will need to check it within three weeks after the set and perform regular maintenance every three to four months.

※The warranty period is counted from the time when the superstructure is installed.
※You will need to come in for a checkup after the set and regular maintenance.
Please note that if there is a period of time during which we cannot extend maintenance service, the warranty cannot be provided.
※Intentional damage is not covered by this policy.
※This warranty is only applicable to implants installed at our clinic.

Flow of implant treatment

Flow of implant treatment Flow of implant treatment

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STEP1 ≪Appointment for Counseling≫

Call, email or fill out the appointment form via our website to schedule a counseling with Tokyo Midtown Dental Clinic.
We will be in touch with you for scheduling.

STEP2 ≪Counseling and Examination≫

We will then perform x-rays, CTs and other test.

STEP3 ≪Treatment Planning≫

With X-rays, CTs, models of the implants, we will explain further the process.
Please do not hesitate to tell us your requests and ask any questions you have at that time.

STEP4 ≪Appointment and Payment≫

As we need to assign your doctor and assistant as well as arrange operating room and equipment, please make an appointment for the surgery in advance.
We will also provide you with payment instructions prior to your surgery. We accept credit cards. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

STEP5 ≪Day of Surgery and Maintenance≫

We will inform you in advance about treatment time on the day.
After surgery, you should come in for maintenance every six months. We will check the fixation of the implant, the condition of the cap, and the condition of the bite.
There is a disease called peri-implantitis, a disease similar to periodontal disease. This is a bone-melting disease.
By the time you experience symptoms, the condition is quite advanced, so please continue to visit us for prevention of peri-implantitis and regular maintenance.


Q:Can any person get an implant regardless of age?

A:The target age range is from late 20’s to late 70’s, and the patients are supposed to basically be in good health.

If you have a systemic history of severe heart disease, blood disease, autoimmune disease, etc., let us have an interview with you first, then we will decide your treatment plan.

Q:How long will the implant surgery and its treatment take, respectively?

A:The implant placement surgery will take approximately 2-3 hours. In addition, we would like you to spare time for pre-cleaning and post-operative rest.

Implant treatments start from preparation period such as consulting and end with a successful transition to maintenance phase.
This whole process will take at least half a year, and in the longest case, two years. Based on our experiences, rushing the results oftentimes leave problems behind. Please be advised that we want to professionally conclude our implant treatment, which may sometimes ask for your time commitment.

Q:When implants don’t work?

A:There are many possible causes for implant failure, but it is possible to minimize the risk of failure by performing a thorough preoperative systemic and local examination before surgery, and taking a suitable surgical procedure.

In rare cases, the implant falls out when it fails to bond to the bone. We can use appropriate treatment to restore the bone and repeat the implant treatment.

Q:How long do implants last?

A:In many cases, implants can be maintained for a long time with proper care and regular checks.

To this end, we believe it is very important for you to carry out regular checkups.

Q:Can I work on the day of my implant?

A:Basically, we recommend you to keep resting immediately after the surgery.

You may be asked to refrain from exercise, drinking, smoking, and bathing on the day of the surgery.
Please understand that you will gradually recover for about two weeks after the surgery, and then you will be able to resume your life as before the operation.

Q:How much does it cost?

A:Prices range from approximately 1,000,000 JPY.

Prices will vary depending on your oral or bone condition. Please make an appointment for a consultation in the first instance.

About Implant Treatment

To learn more about implant treatment, please visit our “What is Implant Treatment” page.

What is Implant Treatment

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Each of our doctors has honed the skills and developed expertise in Japan or abroad.
We will work closely with you on your concerns.
Please feel free to consult with us.

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