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Please read the following instructions before you make online reservation.
■Your reservation can be made from 3 days to one month ahead of your telephone call.
■Your precise reservation time will be informed to you by our receptionist on the next business day by telephone.
■In case you have no contact by our receptionist, please give us a call.
■Change of the reservation date/time, or the cancellation is accepted only by telephone.
■Choose the date/time you wish to reserve. *The Clinic is closed on Sunday, National Holidays
When you click the column, the calendar will appear. Then, choose the date and click.
Or, you can just type the date in the blank box.
■No.1 choice  Start 

■No.2 choice  Start

■Choose the cleaning plan from the following options. (multiple choice is available)
 *Service for reservation
campaign!Jet Cleaning(for stains & tar) 21,600JPY -> 19,440JPY(campaign price : 5/1-5/31)
Jet Cleaning(for stains & tar) 21,600JPY -> 20,600JPY(online price)
OFFICE Whitening (1 Visits) Twenty Teeth of both jaws 41,040JPY -> 40,040JPY(online price)
Personal Cleaning 18,360JPY -> 17,360JPY(online price)
For the reservations of Dental Check-up, Implant, Orthodontics, Ceramic restorations,
Treatment covered by insurance, please call us during business hours.
TEL ex) 03-6459-2661
Weekday  -      - 
Saturday  -      - 
*We will phone you from the clinic to confirm the appointment.
Answering machine Acceptable Not Acceptable
e-mail (PC) ex) hanako@tokyomidtown-mc.jp
e-mail (Cellular phone) ex) hanako@docomo.ne.jp
■Would you like to receive updated information and a newsletter from our clinic?

*Entry from this online form is not a definite fix of the reservation.
Staff from the clinic will phone you to make a confirmation on the following business day.
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