"Love" and "Trust" are the entity of medical care. People will be secured by the treatment with "Love", and it will generate a "Trust"."

We believe a true medical care can heal not only your physical body but also your mind.
We base the true medical care on our foundation,
and practice our dental care with "Love" and "Trust".

We give first priority to your feelings in facing treatment, in which we can build a relationship that you can depend on.
1 Painless Treatment

Minimize the pain, which is the major stress of a dental treatment.

2 Intelligible explanation

Save enough time for explanations of the cause of the problem and treatment plan.

3 Advanced Specialty

Specialists who have been trained at US dental schools or specialized facilities will form a specialty group for your dental treatment.

4 Clean equipment and surroundings

Comfortable surroundings and clean equipment.

5 Clear payment

Propose reasonable treatment plan based on your financial situation.

Everything starts from the counseling. The specialist team answers with the best method to match the customer's worry.
Dental Treatment

Dentist will listen to your concerns and problems in a private counseling room.

Covered by National Health
NOT covered by NHI

Relieve acute symptom
as the first step.

Dental Checkup

If you only want to slove the problem, treatment is completed at this point.

Propose treatment plan options for you
based on individual situations.

Start from initial treatment after clear comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan decision.

Periodontitis/Dental caries/Root canal treatment
・・・・covered by National Health Insurance

Restorations/Prosthesis ・・・partially covered by National Health Insurance

Whitening/Aesthetic treatment
・・・not covered by NHI

Our maintenance program aims for your better quality of life by long term thorough oral maintenance.

03-5413-7912 Opening Hours : Mon-Sat 10:00~13:00 /14:30~18:30
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