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Advanced Suppli TM (Nutrition Center)

Medically sound nutrition counseling
is an essential part of Japanese medicine, emphasizing preventive medicine.
In Japan as well, the use of supplements has become an effective way to maintain good health. The Nutrition Center aims to increase understanding of the necessity of assessing the body's current state and considering the combination of supplements taken for effective dosages. In America, doctors recommend supplements, and consumers have a vast wealth of information on which to draw upon. Here in Japan the awareness base hasn't progressed to where people can choose what their bodies need.
Health management through supplements
Nowadays, preventive medicine is prioritized in order to improve patients' lifestyles. At the Nutrition Center, physicians, pharmacists and nutritionists select just the right supplements for each individual based on medical diagnoses. Patients are advised on the prevention of adult disease risk factors identified in health check-ups, and are recommended supplement plans based on simple tests and interviews conducted at the Nutrition Center. The Nutrition Center works to educate patients on health management through the effective use of supplements before the appearance of an illness by providing advice appropriate to each patient's individual circumstances.
A supplement for every concern
Patients receive recommendations on a wide range of issues, from the prevention of lifestyle diseases to care for stress and other mental conditions as well as beauty.

Doctor Profiles

Nutrition Center Senior Advisor
Director of Aesthetic Medicine
Internal Medicine Physician
Sachi Fukuoka

1995 Graduated from Tokai University.Worked at Tokai University Hospital, Yotsuya Clinic and the Dept. of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine at Tokai University Hachioji Hospital. Member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, the Japanese Circulation Society and the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.