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Tokyo Midtown Clinic’s Vitamin drip menu has a good selection for those who are in need of “Energy Boost” and “Beauty”. Try one depending on your needs!

If you feel lethargic

Vitamin Cocktail

Price:¥2,200 (tax exclusive)

A basic formulation of comprehensive IV vitamin.
(Benefits: restore energy, prevent cold and flu.)

Vitamin Special

Price:¥3,850 (tax exclusive)

Ingredients combined to the “Vitamin Cocktail” to accelerate liver detoxification.
(Benefits: restore energy, prevent cold and flu, alleviate after drinking alcohol.)

High Dose Vitamin C

Price:¥4,400 (tax exclusive)

Dozens of times more of the Vitamin C combined to the “Vitamin Cocktail” to boost the immune system.
(Benefits: fight the beginning symptoms of the cold and flu.)

If you want to boost energy and beauty

Midtown Cocktail

Price:¥6,600 (tax exclusive)

Placenta combined to the “Vitamin Cocktail”.
(Benefits: restore energy and keep your skin look healthy and give you that "glow" of youth.)

Midtown Special Cocktail

Price:¥11,000 (tax exclusive)

Several times more-than-normal of placenta and vitamin combined to the “Vitamin Cocktail”.
(Benefits: boost beauty and restore energy.)

If you haven’t been able to get enough rest

Energy Boost Cocktail

Price:¥11,000 (tax exclusive)

Specially-formulated blend of different vitamin levels.
(Benefits: fight the symptoms of fatigue and the beginning symptoms of the cold and flu.)

If you have heavy drinking on a daily basis

Liver Detox

Price:¥13,200 (tax exclusive)

Ingredients combined to accelerate liver detoxification.
(Benefits: relieve hangover symptoms, effective taking when you anticipate excessive drinking.)

If you want to boost metabolism

Diet Option

Price:¥2,200 (tax exclusive)

Ingredients combined to accelerate your metabolism, which can be added as an option.
※ Offered only as an option, to be combined with one of the above menu.

Time taken: 15 - 30 minutes

※ First-time IV vitamin treatment will require consultation with a doctor prior to the procedure.
※ Time required for IV drip varies among menus, and etc.

Ultra-High Dose Vitamin C

Ultra-High Dose Vitamin C (Appointment required)

Price:¥27,500 (Tax included)

Taking High Dose Vitamin C intravenously in a short amount of time leads to a rapid increase in vitamin C levels in the blood, and gain antioxidant effect. It is widely known to be used for cancer treatment, while it is also effective for anti-allergy, beautiful skin, anti-aging, and to strengthen your immune system.

※ First-time treatment will require consultation with a doctor and a blood test, and second-time treatment will require doctor’s consultation prior to the IV procedure.
※ Appointments required for “Ultra-High Dose Vitamin C”.
※ Procedure may take longer during busy time when more patients in the clinic.

If you are interested in our IV vitamin therapy, feel free to ask our staff at outpatient reception.


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