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Follow-up care (Outpatient Services)
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For those needing follow-up care regarding the medical findings from their medical checkup or comprehensive health screening

Information on our Outpatient Services

Don‘t miss the signs of illness. Take a preemptive approach.

Neglecting to address the medical findings from your medical checkup or comprehensive health screening because you aren’t experiencing symptoms can result in developing serious health conditions in the future.

Please do not self-diagnose and seek medical attention for any abnormal findings (D or F results) or if you have any symptoms. Being heedful of signs of illness and taking swift action can help prevent major illnesses.

For 【D】or【F】results, please consider consulting a physician for follow-up care.

【D: Further testing is needed】 and 【F: Consult a physician immediately】 classifications indicate the need to consult a physician for additional testing.
Please review your health report carefully and schedule a consultation with the appropriate specialist.
(For 【C6】 and 【C3】 classifications, please schedule an appointment accordingly.)

Health report classification criteria
Classification Description
A No findingsNo abnormal findings were observed.
B Minor findings, no need for follow-upThe findings do not impact your daily life.
C12 1-year follow-upRecommend a follow-up in one year.
C6 6-month follow-upRecommend a follow-up in six months.
C3 3-month follow-upRecommend a follow-up in three months.
D Further testing is neededConsult a physician for further testing.
F Consult a physician immediatelyConsult a physician for treatment as soon as possible.
E Under treatment or observationContinue current treatment or follow-up
G Unable to evaluateCould not be evaluated

*Please note that the classification criteria used can vary across medical institutions.

We have a wide range of advanced diagnostic equipment that allows testing for various symptoms

Our clinic has advanced diagnostic equipment such as the 80-slice CT, 3.0 Tesla MRI, and 2D and 3D mammograms. We can perform a variety of diagnostic tests if you have any medical findings from your medical checkup or comprehensive health screening.
Furthermore, we work closely with and provide referrals to affiliate university hospitals and specialized medical institutions for cases requiring more specialized treatment and services.

Medical checkup/comprehensive health screening exam items Additional tests offered at our clinic

Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity test, head CT


Upper GI X-ray (barium swallow)

Upper GI endoscopy (EGD)

Chest X-ray, sputum test, pulmonary function test, liver function test,
lipid panel, pancreatic function test, kidney function test,
complete blood count (CBC), urine test, PSA (prostate cancer tumor marker)

Abdominal ultrasound, chest and upper abdomen CT, abdominal MRI

Fecal occult blood test

CT colonography, lower GI endoscopy (colonoscopy)

Breast and gynecological exams

3D mammogram, breast ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, pelvic MRI

Feel free to consult us regarding any issues that were not addressed at your medical checkup or comprehensive health screening appointment. Or if any symptoms are bothering you.

At the Midtown Clinic, we centrally manage patient data and provide medical care through diagnostic tests.
We offer a well-equipped medical facility with a team of experienced specialty physicians to attend to your medical needs.

Dr. Miwako Watanabe

We may be known as the country with the longest life expectancy, but there is no happiness in spending the second half of life in poor health. Addressing asymptomatic hypertension or high blood sugar levels, improving your cholesterol, quitting smoking or alcohol, and managing your weight, taking these first steps can prevent many serious medical conditions. The small improvements to your day-to-day can make the biggest difference. Hand in hand, we are here to answer any questions you may have and provide the support you need to lead a healthy life.

Reservations for follow-up appointments can be made via phone or online.

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