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We believe that medical service should be built collaboratively, based on the mutual trust between the patient/customer and the healthcare provider.
In accordance with our corporate’s vision, we will develop the patient/customer rights and respect them in order to be an entrusted and reliable clinic for patients to visit.
Likewise, we will also demonstrate the responsibilities of the patient/ customer. The following is a summary of ‘Patient/customer rights and responsibilities’.


Right to receive high quality medical care

All patients/customers have the right to receive high quality medical care regardless of the nature of their illness or personal background.

Right to be respected as an individual person

Each patient/customer’s personal values will be respected and he/she will be treated with dignity as a human being with the right to express their personal opinion.

Right to receive sufficient explanation and information

Each patient/customer has the right to receive sufficient explanation and information, in comprehensible language or manner, of the disease, treatment, risks, alternative treatment, prognosis, medical costs etc.

Right to choose and decide the treatment

Each patient/customer has the right to choose and make decision of the examination and treatment method after receiving sufficient explanation. Also, there is the right to refuse medical care that they do not wish or choose another medical institution. On that account, patient/customer can request disclosure of their medical information and seek a second opinion.

Right to refuse disclosure of their medical information to a third party without consent (Privacy Protection).

Each patient/customer has the right to obtain protection of their personal information concerning health condition and medical history, as well as their privacy.


Medical service is a mutual collaborative activity in which the patient/customer active participation is essential. The patient/customer has the following responsibilities.

Responsibility to provide accurate information concerning your condition and to make an utmost effort to sufficiently comprehend diseases and medical treatments.

The patient/customer is responsible to provide information of their mental and physical condition, as accurately as possible, to the healthcare provider including the physician; and to ask questions as necessary in order to sufficiently comprehend the disease or medical service.

Responsibility of active participation

The customer/patient is responsible to cooperate for the agreed medical treatment willingly.

Responsibility to cooperate for creating a comfortable environment for medical care.

The customer/patient is responsible to obey rules and regulations of the clinic and to follow the instructions by the clinic staff so that other patients/customers receive their medical service in a convenient atmosphere.
Responsibility also includes abiding social standards, respect of privacy of others, and correct payment of the medical service.

Radiation Exposure

There is no risk to develop cancer or leukemia if the exposure to radiation is under 100mSv according to the International Commission of Radiation Protection (ICRP)'s counsel.

The health screening tests levels conducted at Tokyo Midtown Clinic are thought to be a health concern since the figures are Chest X-ray (0.04mSv or less), Chest CT (10mSv or less), Abdomen CT (10mSv or less), Visceral Fat CT (0.5mSv or less), Upper gastro-Intestinal tract radiographic examination (0.6mSv or less) which comes to less than 100mSv even when all tests are summed up.
※These figures will be smaller for people with a slender figure.
Some sources state that the risk of cancer increases by frequent use of the CT, but the CT has a capability to do a detailed test without a preliminary treatment in which results in reducing the patient's burden. As a result, there is merit of detecting lung and other cancers at an early stage.
As for the upper abdomen, the patients have a choice between Upper gastrointestinal tract radiographic examination or the more precise endoscopy.
The MRI/MRA is recommended for examination of the head and the MRI is also recommended for the follow-up to the abdominal ultrasound test.
There is no radioactivity generated by the MRI, ultrasound or endoscopy. We also do not use the contrast for CT for normal examinations.
Blood draw markers are being developed for non-invasive early detection of cancer.


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