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Noage is total beauty treatment born of the
concept of "ageless beauty."
Founded in cosmetic dermatological treatment that minimizes stress to the skin,
the Noage clinic helps patients obtain a healthy, beautiful look.
John Hopkins University
Associate Professor of Dermatology, School of Medicine

Dr. Robert A. Weiss, M.D.
Graduated from Columbia University and trained at John Hopkins University. NIH Fellowship training at the National Institutes of Health. Served as president of the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Weiss is known as an authority on laser treatment, and contributes widely to research on regenerative medical technology.

A 360 degree dermatological evaluation tool. A health check-up for your skin.

Based on the results of the patient's skin check-up, Noage clinic doctors will recommend customized services for each patient.
The Noage Clinic offers a range of treatments based on the principles of minimal pain and clear results under the supervision of Dr. Weiss, the top laser treatment physician in the United States. The Clinic specializes in treatments for spots, wrinkles and loose skin that show age, satisfying all patients, from those receiving their first aesthetic treatment to those who enjoy frequent procedures. Situated as it is in the information hub of Roppongi, the Clinic can conveniently meet the needs of local business people.
Cutting-edge laser technology
"Fractional tightening therapy" is a new type of treatment that takes a three-dimensional approach to skin, targeting the collagen that is the skin's source of elasticity. This procedure restores collagen that has deteriorated over time with putting little stress on the skin.An array of microbeams penetrates below the skin to stimulate the formation of new, youthful-looking skin.
Maximizing treatment results
Also, essential to maintaining the positive results of treatment is the "Customized Facial 90." Gentle Waves® light treatment based on counseling with a doctor initiates the growth of healthy skin.Also, the simultaneous application of bone correction treatments enhances the results of clinic treatment. All patient therapies are handled by a knowledgeable aesthetician.
A cornucopia of options
In addition to the above, a variety of other options are available, including hair restoration with a combination of Gentle Waves® light therapy and mesotherapy, and body treatments using carefully selected aromatic oils combined with basic customized facials. Stop in for a consultation.

Doctor Profiles

Deputy Division Leader of Noage

Akiko Imaizumi, M.D.

2003 Graduated from St. Marianna University, School of Medicine.Worked at the Dermatology Dept. at St. Marianna University Hospital, the Dermatology Dept. at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Beverly Style Clinic and Well Cornell Medical College (Dermatology). Certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association.
Japan's first affiliation with John Hopkins Medicine International, the premier medical institution in the U.S.